Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was talking to my aunt about her recent trip to China and Japan, and it sounded amazing. it got me thinking about the places I'd love to travel. So I made a list.

1. Paris, France.
It looks like such a beautiful and romantic place.

2. London, England.
I've always loved english accents lol. I heard it's beautiful and very old.

3. Hong Kong, China
It seems so huge. I heard it's like night-time all the time at ground level,
in certain areas because of the huge buildings.

4. Rome, Italy
Such a beautiful, old place. Baiscally the birthplace of modern day.

5. Las Vegas, NV, USA
I love gambling, and it looks like an awesome place!

I'd love to travel. As soon as I'm established in my career, making enough money and being able to get time off, I'm definitely going to travel the world. Anybody else have a list of dream places? Anybody been to any cool places?


  1. lived in paris as a kid, although it is romantic the people there are all grumpy.

  2. London is a cool place.

    I want to go to New York.

  3. I want to go to London rave parties :)

  4. great post, thank you for sharing

  5. thats all nice and cool and all but HAVE U BEEN TO SPACE